Soporus is Matthew/William + Stephen/Michael/Matthew



· Greetings! We are regularly working on new music, and always have some interesting plans in the works. We expect to release an LP this year, and are testing the waters as far as live performances. You can find our most comprehensive list of releases, available for listening and purchasing, at our Bandcamp site. We plan to add new tracks there occasionally, so if you like, you can get updates in your rss reader using this link: soporus bandcamp feed.

· Additionally, our previous physical-media releases, including our full-length album, 24,110, remain available on cd through Burnt Toast Vinyl and finer independent record stores. We are also interested in playing live in the Northeastern US region. We dig non-traditional venues, so if you would like to host us in your gallery/coffeeshop/warehouse/etc, please get in touch.


· Full length, high quality digital files are available at for preview and purchase.


· Saturday, November 6th, 2021 · Circle of Hope, 2007 Frankford Ave, Phila, PA · w/TLVS, Clovermite

· For booking information, contact Matthew.

· Past Performances


The most current discography info is housed at our Bandcamp site. This list will be occasionally updated.

· Windscale Pile No.1, released 29 June 2017, on CD from Burnt Toast Vinyl and cassette from Crime & Punishment Packaged Goods (plus Do You Dream Of Noise? in Sweden).

Windscale Pile No.1

· Lucens, released 27 August 2016, is a compilation of recordings from 2010-2015, available on our bandcamp page.


· Happy Black, released 12 March 2012, is an album made from recordings of Matt's grandfather playing piano when Matt was a child. It is available on our bandcamp page.

Happy Black

· 24,110, released 6 January 2009, is our debut full-length, available on CD from Burnt Toast Vinyl.


· Atómové Elektrárne, released in 2007, is available on Burnt Toast Vinyl in CD and LP formats.
The vinyl version is part of a 4-way split double LP along with the bands Foxhole, The Magic Lantern, and Questions in Dialect. The LP tracklist includes Bohunice, 3.28.79, Surry II, and Sequoyah I. The CD version substitutes Pripyat for Sequoyah I.

Atómové Elektrárne cd version  Atómové Elektrárne lp version

· Esme Recaptures the Magic is available on the compilation The Holidays Don't Have To Be So Rotten: Volume Two from Flannelgraph Records.

· Chelyabinsk is available on the compilation Luminance from Walnut + Locust.

· Big Wheels and Matching Airplane Pajamas is available on the compilation The Holidays Don't Have To Be So Rotten: Volume One from Flannelgraph Records.

· Miegs was included on the soundtrack for a documentary short by Andy Bruntel, completed in early spring 2006.


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